Abbott's Big Game Supply. LLC

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6406 Zaring Mill Rd Shelbyville Ky 40065
Hello my name is Tom Abbott and I live on a small farm in Shelby County Ky. with my wife and three kids. 

I am a Federal Firearms License holder and take orders for firearms. Chances are I can beat almost any price out there . I am also a  licensed Concealed Carry Deadly Weapons Instructor for the State of Kentucky.

I have app. 30 years of firearms experience and I really enjoy helping others with their firearms education and knowledge. 

In my CCDW classes I promote strict firearms safety above all else and practice it myself. I also strive to make everyone who comes through my classes to be proficient and confident with their firearm.

Contact Info:
Phone: 502-931-6441
Facebook: Abbott's Big Game Supply or
Facebook: Tom Abbott